Web Portal

An Event Owner’s “command center” — used to manage every aspect of an event’s lifecycle.  Upped’s web portal effortlessly connects planning, tickets & payments, source-to-settlement processes for all event stakeholders, day-of logistics, ‘any-time’ analytics, and unrivaled attendee engagement.

One efficient, data-forward event tool that can be relied on to increase an events understanding, reliable growth, and attendee experience.

Save Money

A small monthly subscription unlocks unlimited events, starting as low as $0 per event.

Increase Safety

We measure event activities to passively keep your guests safe.

Benefits from History

Every decision is stored, ensuring that Event Owners can “repeat” events as easily as they can ‘Copy & Paste’.

Fast Guided Event Setup

Get your event up and running FAST. Smart Dashboards make onboarding easy, guiding Event Owners through each step of the event creation process and making it easy to ‘Copy & Paste’ settings to repeat/make new events in the future. 

Marketing & CRM

With Upped’s lite CRM, it is easy to segment every customer that touches your event. With robust analytics on every aspect of a customer, Event Owners really get to know their attendees. When the time is right, Upped automatically markets to the right channel with the right messaging to boost sales. 

Insight Generation

Upped doesn’t just give Event Owners unparalleled insight into their events; it provides a foundation of knowledge that helps Upped — and the Event Owner — uncover nuggets of information that directly improve profit and reduce event risks. 

Automated Finances

Tired of wasting time coordinating contracts and payout logistics? With Upped, Event Owners can form smart contracts with staff and vendors — with all payout processes handled digitally. To clean up any loose strings, Upped provides a robust customer service suite with refund/messaging capabilities.

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