Modernizing the Event Experience

An all-in-one, data-driven event experience automation platform

that drives event success and attendee satisfaction.

Planning & Logistics

Streamline event planning with an all-in-one event management platform to automate time-consuming tasks.

CRM & Marketing

Utilize Upped’s event experience platform to affordably understand, segment, manage, and market to event attendees throughout the event lifecycle.

Registration & Ticketing

Create an efficient and safe onsite attendee experience with contactless event registration & ticketing, driving sales, satisfaction, and rich data capture.

Auto Engagements

Drive event attendance & attendee satisfaction before, during, and after your event using automated suggestions, games, alerts, and discounts that deliver a personalized event experience.

Why Upped Events?

Upped is an affordable, all-in-one, event experience automation platform designed to streamline all event planning and maximize attendee engagement while capturing rich event data throughout an event’s lifecycle. We have expense-saving, time-saving, flexible software that event professionals want, need, and love. We have the tech that keeps up!

Event Experience Automation

Imagine An All Day Event...

Explore Upped’s platform through the lens of an all-day event and learn how a smarter use of data and automated tools could improve your profitability and attendee experience.

Upped saves you money, time, and frustration -- all while improving attendee experience and safety. Let us show you how.

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