About Us

Upped has been managing payments at bars and events since 2016.  After working with a few dozen event owners, we realized that many of the struggles experienced by event owners and attendees were caused by outdated event management tools.  The attendee experience — arguably the most important aspect of every event — was being casually neglected because of a lack of technological innovation. 

After throwing a few 8,000-person events and crunching the resulting data, Upped realized that our software was cheaper AND more adaptable than other tools in the market.  So we invested some more time and money to build an interconnected suite of software tools for events — and Upped Events was born. 

Today, Upped Events offers a software-only event management and mobile payment solution that significantly improves the attendee experience and event owner revenues.

Upped Events: tech that keeps up. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to support event owners with an affordable, time-saving, all-in-one event experience platform that ensures continual event growth and success.

Our Values

Measurement | Fairness 

Client-focus | Authenticity

Innovation | Willpower

Our Vision

Our vision is to unleash the power of data-driven experience management on the event industry, using never-before-seen tools that autonomously boost profit, safety, and happiness.

Our Team

Mark Kozlowski

A Penn State grad with a penchant for starting and/or investing in SaaS businesses, Mark has focused on the creation of data-oriented software for 10 years. His career started at IBM, he holds an MBA from Wharton, and some of his joys include fitness, survivalism, and horticulture.

Louis Blitzman​

A serial entrepreneur and prior BCG consultant, Louis spent the past decade tackling strategic and operational problems for the public/private/social impact sectors.  A SoCal native, he studied Finance at USC (Fight On!) before getting a Wharton MBA. Louis is an audiophile and avid concert attendee.

Filip Risteski​

An MBA holder from the University of Ljubljana and a two-time founder, Filip has over 12 years of experience developing financial and event management technologies. With a fondness for building custom IT tools and traveling, he seizes on any chance to learn and meet new people.
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