Mobile App

An all-in-one app for attendees, staff, and vendors - turning our familiar smartphone into a source of event info, contactless ticketing and payment, engagement, and safety.

Upped´s app reduces the size of lines, keeps attendees aware of all event happenings, and offers powerful assistive features like alerts, discounts, real-time customer service, agenda creation/sharing, friend-finding, and more.

Raise the Bar

Upped improves the event experience by automating entry, payments, navigation, and customer service.

Access Attendees

Remind or incentivize attendees to act by sending engagements before, during, and after the event.

Measure to Manage

Never make gut-decisions again - with Upped, clients make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Intelligent Crowd

Never before has technology been able to passively coordinate and protect attendees and event staff. With Upped, attendees can queue virtually for safety, receive movement alerts/recommendations at any time, and enter/order without contact of any kind.

Interactivity Features

Keeping attendees entertained at events is the name of the game. Upped’s attendee features are designed to delight and engage, enabling attendees to build agendas/setlists, find their friends, and even participate in interactive or loyalty-program-based games with rewards.

Contactless Payments

Our mobile payment and ordering software eliminates lines, boosts COVID safety, and simplifies vendor-attendee interactions.

Personalized Engagements

Personalization goes beyond marketing. Reach individual attendees with targeted messages, at the time they´re most likely to act.