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Each of Upped’s three event subscriptions can scale to any event size — event owners just need to choose how many advanced features they need. Whether it’s a conference with a few hundred participants or a music festival with 20,000, our software-only solution maximizes the attendee’s time while providing event owners with the tools they need to measure and grow their event.

By bringing together multiple event features like management, marketing, ticketing, vendor payments, and automated analytics, Upped is able to offer clients new ways to make money and engage with attendees. To ensure that we help our clients as much as possible, Upped focuses on events who want to know and do more — the food festival that wants to expand, the state fair that wants to be safer, the drive-in movie that wants to erase lines. We fix problems like these easily, then casually fix new ones that our clients don’t yet know about.

Every part of Upped’s software is editable to reflect your organization’s brand. If you want more customizations, just ask — that’s one of the great benefits of being an Upped client. If you want a separate app, just chat with your Upped representative about how quickly you need it and any associated costs.

Pricing & Plans

Event owners (EOs) choose one of Upped’s three annual event logistics subscriptions — paying a small fee for access to Upped’s entire suite of software. The larger the plan, the better it scales to larger teams and larger events (e.g. the per-attendee fee is lower in larger plans). This <$5 fee is charged to the event owner for any attendee that uses Upped’s mobile app at their event. If an event owner uses Upped for ticketing, however, then any attendee-paid ticketing fees will offset the cost of Upped’s software for the event owner.

Upped does not currently offer its platform for free — that said, the cost of using Upped for ticketed events is close to zero (because Upped considers attendee-paid ticketing fees to be fair payment for using its software). For events not using ticketing, Upped’s Mobile Payment capabilities alone have been shown to increase ‘average spend per attendee’ at an event by >50% over time.

Yes! Just reach out to Upped for a Demo and our Customer Success manager will be happy to give you a tour. For additional Demo/Trial options, just speak to us and we will see what we can do insofar as light implementation of Upped at your event.

Tickets & Payments

Attendees can find your event on your customizable microsite (your branding, your information, your photos), Upped’s mobile app, as well as your personal website (where Upped can add a complete ticket purchasing module). After buying a ticket, attendees just need to show their ticket at the door to receive safe, contactless entry to the event.

Yes! Attendees can buy multiple tickets in a single transaction, unless the event owner specifies a per person limit on ticket purchases. Tickets can also easily be transferred from one account to another, so — if you need to buy for a friend — the process is quick and painless.

Upped’s Mobile Payments use proprietary technology to process attendee payments with zero contact or effort. In <10 seconds, attendees can make purchases from vendors right through Upped’s mobile app. The attendee enters their payment information, and transactions are processed securely with confirmation from staff members at the event.

For event owners, Upped’s contactless payments provide 1) perfect payments across vendors and 2) a way to personalize an event for attendees at the menu-item level. Using these two capabilities, Upped is able to give attendees what they want from the menu at a discount while making event owners more money in the process — everyone wins! By giving customers what they want, the event owner learns invaluable information about their event.

For attendees, Upped’s Mobile Payments represent a long-needed alternative to ‘the good old days’ when we would just lose our cash/credit on the ground at a festival. No more! We all have a phone, and Upped’s app doesn’t just give us event info, it keeps receipts for all of our purchases and gives us personalized discounts on things we like. Cool right? Whether you are pre-purchasing value to Upped’s app before an event, buying something from a vendor at an event, or getting refunded for something after 
an event — Upped makes it easier.

Don’t worry! Upped’s payments are processed securely through a third party payment gateway used by companies around the world. We strive to provide peace of mind that your payments are completely secured.

Account & Billing

Yup! You can change your subscription plan at any time, with any resulting changes to per-user fee or cost-per-team member happening automatically. A subscription can be changed in the middle of an event, but Upped will not take any steps to change your plan until after the event has completed.

You can add team members to your organization to help plan and run your events through the organization drop down in the top right hand corner of the Upped Events web portal. Once you’ve opened the organization drop down, simply navigate to the ‘My Organization’ page where you will be able to invite team members to join your organization before managing their access levels and roles.

Your billing information can be updated at any time in the portal’s account drop-down, found in the top right hand corner of the portal. You’ll be able to view and update your billing information and preferred payment methods under the ‘Billing & Payment Info’ tab.

You can change the password for your account at any time by heading to the drop-down in the top right corner of the web portal and selecting “Account Settings”.

There are no limits to the amount of payment methods that can be added to an Event Owner or Vendor account. You can specify which payment method to use for a particular invoice, or to specify how others should pay you, by navigating to the particular invoice in the ‘Subscriptions and Banking’ section in the top right corner of the web portal. To add, view, or edit the payment method for a particular invoice, simply click on the ellipses to the far right of the desired invoice and click ‘Edit payment details’ to change the payment method for that invoice. Payment settings can also be established per event.

You can make your account more secure by activating two-step authentication.
By activating two-step authentication, you’ll be prompted to enter a security code
sent to your phone or email (further preventing unauthorized account access).
Two-step authentication can be activated in the top right corner of the portal under ‘Account Settings’.

Simply navigate to www.uppedevents.com, click on “Sign In”, and then click the “Forgot Password” link. You will be prompted for your email address, and if it matches with your account then Upped will send a “Password Reset” link to your email.

If you still need access to your account, please contact your Upped account rep and they will sort out the issue right away.

Marketing & Engagement

Our analytics suite is the heart of our software, providing actionable insights to event owners in real time via an analytics dashboard as well as real-time reports. Our business analytics are geared towards enhancing your marketing campaigns and attendee engagements automatically using Upped’s optimization engine. Talk to an Upped representative to learn more about how our analytics can be leveraged to provide meaningful business intelligence.

Upped’s optimization engine meaningfully increases spend at your events. Automatically segmenting event attendees based on past-and-current data, Upped analyzes real-time data and executes marketing campaigns that result in an increased average attendee spend of more than 50% (sometimes right away, sometimes over time). By giving attendees discounts on the products they love, they are happier and purchase more.
By utilizing Upped’s <10 second transaction time, lines are a thing of the past and people can move about freely and safely.

Staffing & Vendor Management

Yes! In Upped’s mobile app, every event stakeholder can sign-up for Upped: Event Owners who want to make events, Vendors who want to service events, Staff who want to work at events, and Attendees who want to go to events. Nearby attendees can see your event and quickly RSVP, purchase tickets, and sign up to be staff at events.

Payment processing is Upped’s core focus. We created the software infrastructure needed to customize automated payments to event stakeholders (like vendors and staff) at any time before, during, or after an event. Our software stays flexible to your payment needs to save you critical time. With flexible settings to help you highly customize and automate previously tedious (yet critical) tasks.

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